Our heritage is uncompromisingly Brazilian, but our home is on Madison Ave. in New York City, where anything is possible. …Including mastering American Ways & Language!

If you are eager to learn English yet filled with anxiety due to time constraints, poor pronunciation, or a lack of cultural knowledge, you have arrived at your destination.


We can help you!

We have helped the following types of individuals, corporate groups and distinguished service members, so we know we can help you!

  • U.S. Air Force 
  • Ana Paola Diniz, President, ARD Foundation (We even wrote a speech for her!)
  • Americans’ foreign spouses
  • Executives in career advancement 
  • Top banking/financial services companies
  • International models 
  • Babysitters 
  • Travelers for business/pleasure (We’ll even show you how to use the subway!)

Almost ready to learn something that will change your life?

Here are a few instant benefits from our in-house classes, online tutorials, and private coaching:

  • Cross-cultural immersion
  • Accent reduction (and anxiety reduction!)
  • Crisp pronunciation
  • Confidence of “blending in”
  • Improved delivery/tone, which can convey your emotions and build relationships
  • Networking and practice opportunities through our Film and Book Club, Language Practice Happy Hour, and Cross-Cultural Workshops

Founded by Christiane Vieira, a native of Rio de Janeiro who has taught Brazilian Portuguese and English for 16 years, American Ways & Language is the sister company to Brazil Ahead, an authority of Brazilian Portuguese training for over a decade. Christiane’s combined degrees in Portuguese and English Literature from the State University of Rio de Janeiro and Advertising and Marketing from the State University of New York have allowed her to both create the best curricula for thousands of students and recruit and train native Brazilian teachers, who have a sophisticated understanding of American ways—far beyond “interpretation” and “translation,” which most competing schools offer.